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Stephanie Meltzer-Paul is vice president of digital at Dunkin’.

Dunkin’s vice president of digital Stephanie Meltzer-Paul democratizes access to the brand

Meet the technology innovators on Nation's Restaurant News' 2020 Power List

Since mid-2018, Dunkin’s Stephanie Meltzer-Paul has been on the front lines of efforts to bring the 70-year-old brand into the 21st century. In 2019, that meant a deep dive into the customer digital experience.

After dropping the “Donuts” and the rebranding to just Dunkin’ in 2018, the brand looked to refresh its digital elements, in-house app and delivery through Grubhub, efforts that were spearheaded by Meltzer-Paul.

The app was brought in-house midway through 2019, allowing for Meltzer-Paul’s team to have more control including flexibility over payment methods and offer more  experience regardless of membership or rewards status.

powerlist_banner_20202.jpgOne of the key digital changes introduced last year was decidedly analog. Dunkin’ updated its app to allow cash as a form of payment, making it the only quick-service app to allow it.

The move was in line with Dunkin’s stated efforts to democratize its brand experience, even as it incorporates new products and technologies.

“It was important to Dunkin’ that we reward all customers, regardless of their preferred payment method,” Meltzer-Paul told Nation’s Restaurant News.

As for delivery, Dunkin’ last summer announced a nationwide delivery partnership with Grubhub and selected New York City as its first market.

“The high volume [in NYC] allowed us to really stress-test the system integration with Grubhub and feel comfortable in the learnings we gained prior to scaling,” Meltzer-Paul said.

Dunkin’ delivery expanded beyond the Big Apple, including major markets like Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, last fall.

Moving forward, expect more from Meltzer-Paul team as they strive to build “frictionless experience” for Dunkin’ fans.

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