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The Data-Driven Restaurant

New digital tools can empower restaurateurs to track their performance better and learn more than ever about their customers. But even the most enthusiastic adopters of new technology can stumble, if they haven't answered the fundamental questions of what data to collect, where to store it, and what to do with it.

What can restaurant operators do to run their businesses in a more strategic, data-driven way?

Find out in this upcoming webinar, featuring new research from Nation’s Restaurant News Intelligence and analysis from restaurant industry experts. Get exclusive highlights from our latest report, The Data-Driven Restaurant, in which nearly 400 restaurant operators shared how they use customer and transaction data to drive growth. Plus, hear from thought leaders in restaurant technology architecture, digital marketing, and employee-facing solutions to help accelerate your own data-driven journey. 

Join us to learn:
- How operators collect and store both the common and ground-breaking metrics via digital tools
- Which peers use data most effectively — and what you can learn from them
- Where operators are focusing their tech investments in 2024, from menu development to labor optimization and more


    New Olo Headshot.jpgRay Gallagher
    VP and GM, Olo Engage

    New Thanx Headshot copy.jpgEmily Rugaber
    VP of Marketing

    New Axiel Headshot.jpg

    Justin Buckley
    President and CEO
    Axial Shift

    New Raju copy.jpgRaju Malhotra
    Chief Product and Technology Officer
    PAR Technology


    Christi Ravneberg
    Director, Research & Insights
    Nation’s Restaurant News

    NEW MarkB_Pro copy.jpgMark Brandau
    Associate Director, Research & Insights
    Nation’s Restaurant News

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