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Podcast: Dunkin’ fans were eagerly awaiting delivery

In this episode of Extra Serving, senior editor Gloria Dawson interviews Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, who oversees the brand's app and delivery programs

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Delivering coffee in the most populous city in the country is a daunting task.

But Dunkin’ was up for the challenge.

“We knew that if we could scale here and make it here, we could make it anywhere,” Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, Dunkin’s vice president of digital and loyalty marketing for Dunkin’ U.S., told Extra Serving, a weekly podcast by Nation’s Restaurant News.

And Dunkin’ fans were ready.

When Dunkin’ launched delivery in stealth-mode a few months before officially announcing their partnership with Grubhub, they got a lot orders considering “we did no marketing, no emails, no marketing on Grubhub’s website, we just put us up there,” said Meltzer-Paul.

Grubhub users had been searching for Dunkin’ on the Grubhub for awhile just waiting for the company to make an appearance.

And once they started ordering, Dunkin’ fans couldn’t stop.

Dunkin__App_Lifestyle.jpg“We were getting quite a lot of repeat orders which was great to see because now we knew we were doing something right," Meltzer-Paul said.

To hear how Dunkin’ got delivery going and to how Meltzer-Paul modernized Dunkin’s app, click on our Extra Serving podcast.  

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