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Anthony Myint, founder at ZeroFoodprint, Power List 2020
Anthony Myint is the founder of ZeroFoodprint.

ZeroFoodPrint founder Anthony Myint, a chef-turned-activist, wants to activate restaurants to fight climate change

Meet the technology innovators on Nation's Restaurant News' 2020 Power List

Some people take to the streets to change the world. Anthony Myint, best known as co-creator of famed Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco and a handful of other concepts, channels his passion for climate change through food.

In 2014, the chef, restaurateur and activist founded ZeroFoodprint, a San Francisco nonprofit that helps restaurant operators reduce their carbon footprint with the goal of reversing climate change. In just five years, ZeroFoodprint, has made serious headway activating the restaurant industry, getting dozens of restaurants around the country (and the world) to sign on — from Chez Panisse and Flour + Water in California to Barley Swine in Texas and Bresca in Washington, D.C. — and many more to commit to participating by 2020.

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And support for Myint’s bold idea — that restaurants and their diners can be a powerful part of the climate solution — is growing.

In July, Myint was recognized for his climate change work with The Basque Culinary World Prize, a prestigious award for chefs making a positive impact outside their kitchens with a 100,000 Euro purse (about $112,000 USD).

Previously Myint modeled his carbon-neutral approach at his restaurant The Perennial in San Francisco, a hyper sustainable concept that closed in February after just three years.

Expect Myint to continue to try and mobilize even more — and bigger —  restaurants to join the effort to, as the nonprofit’s tagline reads: “Unf%ck the Planet.”

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