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Tech Tracker

Tech Tracker: High-tech restaurant prototypes

Going deep into the new world of off-premises restaurants


In the month of June, seven new restaurant prototypes were released. NRN editors Holly Petre and Joanna Fantozzi discussed two of them on this week’s episode of Tech Tracker.

Taco Bell, after releasing the prototype design last year, finally opened its first Defy drive-thru in June in Minnesota. The newly designed restaurant has a four-lane drive-thru, is two stories and features TV screens to watch the workers preparing your meal. Fantozzi discusses what this drive-thru encompasses and what it means for the future of both Taco Bell and drive-thrus.

On the other hand, Panera opened its first to-go only unit in Chicago last month. This unit is the first to serve the 81% of customers Panera said ordered off-premises last year. There are no seats and customers must order for pick-up or delivery. Fantozzi discusses what it means that this fast-casual brand is catering to this new consumer.

Watch the video to learn more about these new prototypes and hear Fantozzi on her expert take.

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