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7 new restaurant chain prototypes introduced in June

Chick-fil-A, Chuck E. Cheese, Chipotle, KFC, Panera Bread, Tim Hortons, Taco Bell find new ways to cater to consumers

Seven restaurant chains, from quick service to family dining, introduced new prototypes and designs in the month of June.

Most of the updates come as the result of changing consumer behavior. More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that off-premises business isn’t going anywhere. Panera Bread, for example, said that 81% of its business in 2021 came through off-premises channels, so it’s not surprising that the fast-casual restaurant has introduced a prototype with no dine-in option.

Chipotle and Tim Hortons are also following this trend. The former is updating established units with its Chipotlanes and walk-up windows, and the latter is adding smaller prototypes to its arsenal, including one that is drive-thru-only. Taco Bell, meanwhile, opened its first Defy unit, plans for which were unveiled last year, using four drive-thru lanes and innovative technology to halve its average wait time. Chick-fil-A is also experimenting with ways to speed its wait time by testing a new kind of drive-thru.

Chuck E. Cheese, meanwhile, is trying to entice customers with high-tech upgrades in its Florida market. And while it’s a one-off, KFC added a unit designed to look like a bucket of chicken.

Click through the gallery to see all of the new restaurant designs introduced in June.

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