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America’s favorite restaurants for burgers, chicken, pizza, and more

We know from Technomic’s 2023 America’s Favorite Chains data that Americans love steak and smoothies. But of course, they still eat plenty of burgers, chicken, sandwiches, and other foods. So who are the winners of those various categories? And why?

In some cases (chicken) the results are pretty straightforward: consumers love the brands you think they love, the buzzy ones, the big chains that just keep getting bigger. In other cases (burger), the top pick may surprise you, outranking the cult favorite you probably think won (but don’t worry, that brand came in second).

This gallery explores consumers’ top three choices for different cuisines: burgers, pizza (limited service), chicken, Mexican, beverages/snacks, sandwiches, family style/midscale, steak, Italian/pizza (full service), and “varied menu” (including seafood).

Each restaurant company has an overall score presented as a percentage. Percentages represent a composite top-box rating, indicating the share of recent guests who gave the brand the highest possible overall score.

Want to dig deeper into America’s Favorite Chains? Follow the below links.

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