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Gen Z’s favorite restaurants

What makes people from different generations love different restaurant brands? Technomic’s 2023 America’s Favorite Chains data offers a detailed look at which brands are beloved by which consumers.

Gen Z, consumers born in the 1990s and early 2000s, are mostly young adults now and therefore important consumers to target. They’re also, broadly, present on social media and sharing much more about their lives than the generations that came before them — including the restaurants they love.

First Watch, which Technomic found to be one of this generation’s favorite restaurant brands, may be popular among Gen Z because of its innovative menu and branding, according to chief brand officer Matt Eisenacher. The company doesn’t target Gen Z specifically, but consumers find the brand anyway.

In this gallery, meet 20 of Gen Z’s favorite restaurant chains — 10 full-service brands and 10 limited-service brands. Each has an overall score presented as a percentage. Percentages represent a composite top-box rating, indicating the share of recent guests who gave the brand the highest possible overall score.

Want to dig deeper into America’s Favorite Chains? Follow the below links.

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