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America’s 10 favorite restaurant chains

It’s no secret that Americans love to eat out. But which restaurant chains are their favorites?

For Technomic’s America’s Favorite Chains survey, the data company set out to answer that very question.

This gallery features the 10 restaurants with the highest overall scores, but also breaks down each brand by the factors consumers are surveyed about: service and hospitality, unit appearance and ambiance, food and beverage, convenience and takeout, and value.

The companies have scores for each factors, presented as percentages. Percentages represent a composite top-box rating, indicating the share of recent guests who gave the brand the highest possible rating for each of the guest experience attributes.

Technomic Ignite Consumer collects information about how brands impact consumers and how consumers interact with those brands, via online survey. Each year, Technomic Ignite Consumer polls 112,000 nationally representative consumers ages 18-plus.

Click through the gallery to meet America’s 10 favorite restaurant chains.

Want to dig deeper into America’s Favorite Chains? Follow the below links.

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