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Hear from two emerging operators on the challenges and triumphs of running restaurants

Mehdi Zarhloul, CEO and Founder of Crazy Pita, and Zandrique Harrold, director of operations for Milk & Honey, join the Extra Serving podcast this week


We’re coming at you a bit early this week with our episode of Extra Serving because of the holiday, but we didn’t want to leave you hanging. This week is a special episode because we’re bringing you two interviews with emerging restaurateurs. You’ll hear from Mehdi Zarhloul, CEO and founder of Crazy Pita, and Zandrique Harrold, director of operations for Milk & Honey.

These two emerging brand leaders were at CREATE: The Experience in Palm Springs, and since it’s chilly in many parts of the country this week, we thought we’d bring you an episode that harkens back to the warmth of Palm Springs.

Crazy Pita is a four-unit brand based in Las Vegas that specializes in fast-casual Mediterranean food. This emerging brand just opened in Texas and has plans for more stores.

Milk & Honey was a 2023 Hot Concept winner. It began as a single-unit café before garnering the attention of Warren Thompson of Thompson Hospitality Group — and the rest is history.

Check out these two emerging restaurateurs and we’ll be back next week for a regular episode.


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