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Breakout Brands

9 emerging restaurant chains making their mark on a rejuvenated industry

These concepts have huge growth potential

At first glance, a tech-driven wok fast casual in Minnesota might not have much in common with a traditional sit-down Italian joint in Arizona, nor would a health-food concept in San Francisco be all that similar to a chain out of New Orleans slinging what it claims is the world’s largest slice of pizza.

But look closer and you’ll see the connective threads: Each concept has sprung up in the past half decade or so, reacting to consumer demand for high-quality ingredients, unique experiences and easier-than-ever accessibility. And each of them has found so much success in their respective home bases that they’re scaling to new markets and finding new audiences hungry for their distinctive offerings.

This year’s Breakout Brands represent a variety of menu items and service experiences, but share immense potential for growth in a rejuvenated restaurant industry. Read on to learn more about the nine emerging companies on this year’s list. 


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