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The Power List

Meet the 2022 Power List: 50 people with big ideas to transform the restaurant industry

NRN has revealed its 2022 Power List, a list of 50 influential people who are shaping the future of foodservice.

Selected by the editors of Nation’s Restaurant News, the 9th annual Power List is the definitive list of people who are evolving the restaurant industry through fresh ideas and game-changing approaches to leadership, workforce, equity and inclusion, investment, restaurant technology, supply chain, growth models and more.

The report showcases 50 leaders from all corners of the industry with big ideas — and the drive to act on them. 

“The 2022 Power List looks beyond traditional representations of power — a corner office, thousands of employees or billions of dollars in sales — to recognize influence and the ability to rethink the restaurant paradigm,” said Sam Oches, editor-in-chief of Nation’s Restaurant News. “You’ll find Bryce Fluellen and Christine Hasircoglu, who are providing leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities to members of historically disempowered communities; Lucas Bradbury, who is changing the perception of fast food; Kira Druyan, who is working to expunge the criminal records of employees; Chris Williams, who started a farm to offer fresh vegetables and hands-on training to his community; and so many more inspiring innovators.”

“The people on this year’s Power List are turning old models on their head and are driven by big ideas that signal where the industry is headed,” Oches added.

Click through the gallery to meet and hear directly from the 50 members of this year's Power List.


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