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8 new virtual or ghost restaurant brands

From celebrity partnerships to existing chains expanding their reach, check out the latest in the virtual brand space

Restaurant-celebrity partnerships aren’t new, but it seems those in the public eye are getting more into putting their names on delivery-only restaurants concepts than ever before.

This quarter, both Cheech Marin (of Cheech & Chong fame) and Buddy V unveiled virtual brands centered around what they’re known for, cannabis and cake respectively.

Some traditional brands are also getting into the ghost kitchen game, like Artic Circle and Legal Sea Foods. The two brands are using ghost kitchens to expand reach to new cities, either through Kitchen United or other partner kitchens.

Also, virtual brand company Nextbite has unveiled three new breakfast-focused virtual brands. All three center around the most portable food: a sandwich.

Nextbite also announced Wednesday it would partner with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio offer items from ‘Wichcraft’s menu as a virtual brand for delivery only, starting in 2022. Colicchio co-founded the high-end sandwich concept in New York in 2003.

Click through the gallery to learn more about each of these virtual brands or ghost kitchen operations.

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