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Marco's Pizza and the Top 500 logo.jpg Marco’s Pizza
According to Marco’s leadership, momentum is driven by strong leadership, franchisee growth momentum, and the company’s in-house technology investments.

Is Marco’s the pizza chain to watch?

Marco’s sales growth of 7.6% was more than twice the momentum of the second-place pizza restaurant, Little Caesars

The pizza category may have hit a plateau in 2023, with most of the big pizza brands experiencing only low-single-digit sales growth, but one chain was a surprising standout: Marco’s Pizza. The brand enjoyed the strongest momentum among the big pizza chains last year: 7.6% sales and 7.2% unit growth, more than double the growth of the No. 1 pizza chain, Domino’s.  

In fact, in 2023, Marco’s was the fifth-fastest-growing limited-service pizza chain in the country in terms of units, behind smaller chains with a fraction of the brand’s sales and unit numbers.

According to Marco’s leadership, this momentum is driven by strong leadership, franchisee growth momentum, and the company’s in-house technology investments, including the rollout of MOMS (Marco’s Order Management System).

“Our strategy continues to put our renowned high-quality product front and center,” a Marco’s representative told NRN. “It has provided us the basic foundation to scale. Pair this with a strong business model, strategic partnerships, multi-channel national advertising, and a commitment to new technology and innovation, and we’re able to meet the needs of today’s modern customer.”

Other highlights include a pipeline of 200 stores in development, the rollout of a new brand platform designed to present Marco’s as a tastier alternative, and investment in both third-party delivery and AI innovation. Since Domino’s was previously known as the most tech-forward pizza chain, this makes Marco’s recent growth even more of a challenge to the top pizza competitors.

“Pizza brands that properly invest and execute in technology and innovation will be equipped with a roadmap to challenge their competition, fuel long-term growth and performance, and maximize store profitability,” the Marco’s representative said.

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