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NRN Showdown

Meet the 4 restaurant players in the Eatertainment Showdown

These brands are changing the category, and need your votes

Welcome to the Eatertainment Showdown, the eighth showdown from Nation’s Restaurant News. In this iteration, we are pitting four eatertainment chains from all over the country against one another.

The eatertainment category has seen several waves of innovation over the past 20 years. Stalwarts like Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s defined the category, but there are many young and emerging chains taking the category out of the arcade and into the sports world.

Many of these chains are not just about the fun and flashy sports they are centered around — like pickleball and mini golf — but pride themselves on gourmet food offerings as well.

This month’s Eatertainment Showdown covers four separate sports that are making these games more accessible for new customers and creating fans while doing it. Some of them have proprietary technology to change traditional sports, while others are embracing new and trending sports.

Check out the four eatertainment chains above and vote for your favorite on our LinkedIn or Instagram pages. The winner will be announced at the end of May.

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