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Breakout Brands

Meet the 2022 Breakout Brands

8 emerging restaurant concepts you should know

The past two years have been tough on independent and emerging restaurant operators — but it’s not been the apocalypse that some predicted. In fact, for some emerging chains, their ability to withstand one challenge after another has only made them stronger as they look to grow within their home markets and beyond.

Which brands have positioned themselves for big things in the years ahead? The editors at Nation’s Restaurant News scoured the country to find eight Breakout Brands with unique menus, exciting brand propositions and resolve from the pandemic to become the next great restaurant chain.

In this report, you’ll meet restaurant concepts ranging from casual-dining Italian to vegan tacos to one that doubles as a digital-media company. We’ve featured concepts from Adam Schlegel and Danny Meyer, and two of these Breakout Brands recently announced big funding rounds for future growth.

Meet the 2022 class of Breakout Brands.


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