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5 emerging restaurants in Boston to watch out for

Check out these growing chains in the Massachusetts capital


The Boston restaurant scene is historic, with some restaurants dating back to colonial times. However, there are also new emerging chains coming to take their place among the seasoned classics. Check out these five chains in the following video:

Anna’s Taqueria: A six-unit chain based in Boston focusing on burritos and bowls for the past 25 years, born in the kitchens of San Francisco’s Mission District to serve authentic Mexican food to customers.

Tatte Bakery & Café: A 29-unit bakery/café chain started by pastry chef Tzurit Or with locations throughout Boston and D.C. that brings people together around food varying from pastries to sandwiches and tarts.

Bon Me: A nine-unit fast-casual bahn mi restaurant that started as (and continues to operate several units as) food trucks based in Boston and started by Boston duo Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong.

The Friendly Toast: A nine-unit casual-dining restaurant serving breakfast all day and night in Boston, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Tasty Burger: A seven-unit quick-service burger chain founded by a “group of chef friends who dreamed of opening a burger joint,” the burger was once the official burger of the Boston Red Sox.

Check out more in the video.

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