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Consumer study ranks top 20 commercials

Consumer study ranks top 20 commercials

Los Angeles-based Ace Metrix found that relevant and informative ads scored high in its ranking of the top 20 restaurant commercials of 2010.

Ace Metrix gave the ads an Ace Score based on consumers rating of the commercials’ watchability and persuasiveness. Conveying the desirability of menu items also contributed to higher Ace Scores.

Advertising research compiled for the restaurant sector year-to-date showed that operators wanting to get the most bang for their marketing buck need to teach consumers to reach consumers. The year’s most effect spots “tell consumers something they don’t know,” said Dr. JuYoung Lee, chief scientist and co-founder of Ace Metrix.

Chains like Starbucks, Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell all had Ace Scores well above the restaurant sector average of 580. The top five commercials were:

  1. Starbucks: The Big Picture
  2. Domino's Pizza: Crazy Thing to Make Food Look Good
  3. Domino's Pizza: Take the Pizza Out of the Oven and Take a Picture
  4. Pizza Hut: You Don't Have to Settle
  5. Dairy Queen: Lips Got Blizzard a Spoon

To see the full ranking, as well as watch the commercials, visit Ace Metrix’s site.

And check out what else consumers are thinking with NRN’s special report, Consumer Confidential.

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