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BK hits start on mobile video games

MIAMI Burger King Corp. and licensee Mobliss Inc., a mobile-content developer, have released BK CITY, a new multilevel game designed for casual mobile-game players.

The game is supported by a variety of national carriers and available exclusively for download by texting “KING” to 90210 for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

Players compete for a place in the King’s entourage by progressing through a series of challenges in each of three virtual worlds. In “Flip My Bun,” players test memory skills by flipping a bun and matching ingredients to build sandwiches. “Fry Assault” challenges virtual employees to catch falling French fries and onion rings before time runs out. In “King’s Bling,” players race against the clock to replace the King's stolen jewels.

Burger King ventured into gaming before with three branded Xbox games and branded content in such video games as “Fight Night,” “Need For Speed” and “NFL Street.”

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