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Big Bowl rolls out dim-sum desserts

CHICAGO Big Bowl, an eight-unit casual-dining chain based here, has revamped its dessert menu with the help of pastry chef Jessie Oloroso, owner of Black Dog Gelato in Chicago.

The new dessert menu is presented dim-sum style, in line with Big Bowl’s other offerings, which focus on Chinese and Thai cuisines. Each dessert is $3.95, with the intention of allowing tables to sample multiple desserts.

The dessert menu now features spiced ginger cake, chai creme brulee, a banana cashew egg roll, an Asian pears saute with cinnamon butter and vanilla ice cream, espresso cheesecake, and a double chocolate brownie.

Seasonal fruit specials also will be offered from time to time, the company said.

Big Bowl has locations in the Chicago and Twin Cities areas as well as in Reston, Va.

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