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These new features are designed to give customers time back, according to the company.

Chick-fil-A revamps loyalty app, adds geofencing

The restaurant chain, which first launched its loyalty app in 2016, aims to give customers ‘some time back’

Atlanta-based quick-service restaurant company Chick-fil-A has added two new features to its popular app, the company announced on Wednesday.

The app, which debuted in 2016, will now have geofencing, giving customers the ability to see when they’re close to a Chick-fil-A location as well as how long their order will take to prepare (the other new addition to the app). When a customer is close to the Chick-fil-A at which they placed an order, the app will notify the unit so workers can begin preparing the food.

These additions are leading to reduced wait times, which are pretty accurate in the app, the company said.

These new features are designed to give customers time back, according to the company.

“By timing a customer’s arrival with their order, we can ensure they’re getting a meal that is both fresh and served quickly,” said Morgan Anderer, senior project lead on the customer digital experience team at Chick-fil-A in a statement. “We don’t believe our customers should have to compromise, and these new features truly balance what our restaurants do best: exceptional quality and efficient service.”

Chick-fil-A tested these new features across the country at 100 stores over the past year and found that customers reduced their wait time by one to two minutes, and that the estimated wait times were accurate 90% of the time.

To enable the new service, all customers have to do is turn on location services for the app.

This is the latest in a series of app changes or updates from chains across the country. Sweetgreen just debuted its first loyalty app after over a year of testing and a slew of chains from Just Salad to Starbucks to Jimmy John’s changed or updated their apps within the past six months.

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