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Salad-and-Go-Charlie-Morrison-Village-Parkway-Phoenix-Unit_0.jpg Courtesy of Salad and Go
Salad and Go is introducing a brand-new position for the company.

Growing quick-service restaurant Salad and Go partners with registered dietitian Maya Feller

The salad nutrition officer will provide guests with healthy-eating tips

Quick-service salad restaurant Salad and Go has named Maya Feller its first-ever salad nutrition officer, the Dallas-based company announced earlier this week.

Feller, a registered dietician and founder of Maya Feller Nutrition, believes in providing “inclusive nutrition education from an anti-bias, patient-centered and culturally humble approach to help people make informed food choices,” according to a release.

“Maya sees life — and food — from an optimistic, bowl half-full perspective, just like us, making her the perfect partner to help us advance our food revolution,” said Nicole Portwood, CMO of Salad and Go, in a statement. “She is not about making judgements or asking people to deny themselves, and we’re honored to partner with her as we continue to focus on serving our guests.”

In this role, Feller will be tasked with “eliminating the conflict between accessibility, affordability, and wellness, presented through thoughtful menu choices and a deliberate growth strategy,” according to a company release.

“I’ve learned from my patients that having access to affordable, nourishing, tasty food not only feeds them in the moment, but also creates sustainable routines that are supportive of managing and reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions or other health challenges,” said Feller in a statement. “I respect Salad and Go’s bold work to address issues of access in our food system. Together we are breaking down the barriers and saying people shouldn’t have to compromise on delicious, nutritious food that's also convenient and affordable.”

Salad_and_Go_Daniel_Patino_And_Maya_Feller copy.jpegPatino (left) and Feller (right).

Feller’s expertise will accompany that of Salad and Go’s chef Daniel Patino. He was formerly executive chef of Bourbon Steak with experience working at Michelin 3-starred The French Laundry, Daniel, Charlie Trotter’s, and Stars.

Patino also received recognition from the Michelin Guide from 2007-2010 while heading the kitchen at Arcadia Modern American Steakhouse, and was awarded best chef and best American restaurant by the San Jose Mercury in 2009.

Feller’s tips to help guests incorporate more tasty and healthy foods into their lives are featured on the Salad and Go website. She and Patino have also created a series of videos “digging into” food myths and nutrition misconceptions.

“Lately, my go-to Salad and Go order starts with a romaine base layered with roasted chicken, banana peppers, spicy black beans, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and cucumbers dressed with oil and vinegar,” Feller said.

By the end of May, Salad and Go plans to have over 140 stores, keeping with its plans to open one new store a week. The brand also has menu innovations in store and seasonal offerings that will be announced later this month.

Back in January, CEO Charlie Morrison said the brand wouldn’t be adding to its menu to maintain the “operational simplicity.”

“I’m a big believer in keeping things focused on what you do well,” Morrison said at the time.

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