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Family dining isn’t a segment to hit snooze on

These breakfast-focused chains are trying to reach the big dogs

Breakfast chains can feel a bit stodgy at times. There are the big players, and then it feels like a big whitespace. It’s not, though, and there are players in the game who aren’t about just serving breakfast — they’re serving an experience.

Take Hash Kitchen, for example. The chain is all about the party atmosphere, with DJs at brunch and a Bloody Mary bar. The vibe is definitely a party, but also welcoming to kids. While it’s still a family-dining chain, Hash has more to offer than pancakes — just look at the cotton-candy toppers for mimosas, or the Ferris wheel of cupcakes, or the cereal shots.

That brand is not alone in trying to stand out from the crowd. On the other side of the coin is Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken. That chain is making a name for itself with the food it produces. Chef-driven, Rise is all about the quality of its chicken and biscuits. It has to be — it’s literally in the name. The company takes pride in its homemade biscuits and delicious fried chicken.

Check out more up-and-coming family-dining restaurants below.

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