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Coffee is growing — and so are these 10 emerging chains

From Florida to New York to Oregon, buzz-worthy coffee concepts are revving up.

Coffee has been one of Americans’ favorite beverages since it arrived on this side of the Atlantic in the 1600s. In 2022, the National Coffee Association reported that coffee-drinking was at an all-time high, with 66% of Americans drinking coffee every day.

In recent years, emerging coffee concepts have capitalized on that popularity. Perfect examples are Dutch Bros, the drive-thru-only concept that’s been rapidly expanding and hopes to quintuple its 800 locations in the next decade, and similar chains like Scooter’s Coffee and The Human Bean.

But while the drive-thru-only crowd is tapping into demand for convenience, the demand for quality-sourced coffee served in a cozy setting hasn’t gone away. Several growing coffee concepts are leaning more toward the artisanal side of the spectrum and finding success across the country.

Here are 10 up-and-coming coffee chains across the U.S.

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