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Podcast: How Taco Bell maintains a rabid fanbase

Taco Bell U.S. president Julie Masino on the DNA of the brand

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Taco Bell is very much a lifestyle brand. The fast food chain has a rabid fanbase that lives for its wild marketing campaigns and immersive experiences — like the Taco Bell-themed hotel & resort complete with Taco Bell nail art, sauce packet floaties and new food creations — or Taco Bell clothing line.

And, limited-time offers like nacho fries, that sold 53 million orders in five weeks.

The Yum! Brands’ restaurant concept is the fifth largest restaurant in the United States, and in this Extra Serving podcast, Nation’s Restaurant News talks to the woman leading the charge — North American Brand President Julie Masino.

Masino shares how Taco Bell continues to keep things new and fresh.

“We are real bar-raisers at Taco Bell. The idea that ‘Hey, that’s never been done before, let’s go do it,’ or ‘Hey, we already launched fries three times, let’s launch them again and how do we do it in a different way?’ Those are the things that excite my team,” said Masino.

The brand is also looking at new ways to promote its longtime vegetarian friendly menu. With 9% of our menu sales coming from vegetarian menu items and plant-based dining getting more press every day, Taco Bell has a plan in the works to market to the consumers who are interested in these options.

NRN named Masino a 2019 Golden Chain award winner, and will celebrate her at the MUFSO conference in Denver, Oct. 14-16.

Listen to this podcast for more.

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