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The 14 restaurant brands with the highest-quality takeout food

More than two and a half years into the pandemic, off-premises options remain vital to restaurant chains’ success. Chefs have had to get creative to come up with menu items that can easily be transported to a customer’s home without losing quality.

The quality of takeout food is one thing that market research firm Datassential polls consumers about for the annual Consumer Picks report. Unsurprisingly, the research indicates that ability to take food out factors heavily into overall brand loyalty.

In this gallery, see the 14 restaurant chains with the highest-quality takeout food, according to consumers. The percentages correlate to the amount of consumers rating these brands “best in class” or “above average” on quality of takeout food — specifically taken off premises by the consumer, as opposed to delivered.

Almost every chain on this list is limited service, but one casual-dining brand makes an appearance. Half of these chains did not appear on last year’s list of 12 companies, five of which have fallen off in 2022.

Click through to see the chains with the highest-quality takeout food, and read the full Consumer Picks report here.  

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