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MenuMasters: A low-waste cocktail, mesquite noodles and chocolate cold foam

Plus Popeyes’ latest chicken sandwich, Krispy Kreme’s latest glaze, and a local seasonal pizza

Ranch dressing is a beloved condiment on many foods, from pizza to fries and even the salads for which it was invented. These days its creamy zip is being enhanced with hot sauce, with the current favorite being the garlicky chile combination invented in Buffalo. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is capitalizing on that with a new variation of its chicken sandwich, now dressed with Buffalo ranch sauce.

Krispy Kreme has jumped on the cereal milk trend, as well as the cereal co-branding trend with its latest glaze inspired by Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal.

Starbucks, inventor of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and a more recent coffee craze, cold foam, not has a chocolate version of the latter.

Speaking of coffee, the leftover grounds are used to make a low-waste cocktail at Bay 6, a bar in Nashville.

In Phoenix, chef Angelo Sosa is using local mesquite pods to make his version of dandan noodles and not too far away in Mesa, Ariz., Myke Olsen is using local kale and golden raisins for a seasonal pizza.

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