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Trending@NRN: Finding new life in casual dining

Trending@NRN: Finding new life in casual dining

Breaking down NRN’s most popular stories

Each week, NRN editor-in-chief Sarah Lockyer gives you her take on the top restaurant industry news.

It’s doubtful that many in the industry would say the standard casual-dining segment — your old-school bar-and-grill concepts — are delivering, both in terms of performance and consumer relevance. But that doesn’t mean casual dining is dead.
In one of this week’s top stories, NRN West Coast bureau chief Lisa Jennings produces a special report that is a true tour de force covering the new landscape of casual dining. With a look at five new and growing brands, it becomes clear that successful, full-service concepts today will need quality, chef-driven cuisine; elements to keep those Millennials entertained; a big bar business and unique designs.
While this week’s most popular stories include major news from Jimmy John’s and its data breach, Krystal naming a new interim CEO and Carrols acquiring more Burger King units, it’s the casual-dining story you need to sit down and read.

Take a look at the top 10 trending stories:

1. Umami founder plans 3 new restaurant concepts

2. New casual-dining chains rewrite the rules

3. Krystal names interim CEO to replace Doug Pendergast

4. How Maggiano’s dropped calories, kept flavor on its menu

5. Jimmy John's reports payment card data breach

6. McDonald's creates new customer experience, digital roles

7. More restaurants layer loyalty programs onto smartphone apps

8. Cracker Barrel tests regional pricing, implements new tech tools

9. Garden Fresh names new CFO, CMO

10. Carrols acquires more Burger King units

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