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Jamba Juice introduces cold-pressed juices in Southern California

Jamba Juice introduces cold-pressed juices in Southern California

Chain is planning a national rollout for 2015

Jamba Juice has expanded its menu with the introduction of cold-pressed juices.

The 854-unit smoothie chain started offering 12-ounce bottles of cold-pressed juice in Southern California on September 16 and plans to unveil them in the northern part of the state in mid-October.

“Our expansion to cold-pressed juice reaffirms our commitment to making healthier beverages more accessible to consumers,” said James D. White, Jamba, Inc. chairman, president and chief executive, in a press release. “Drinking juice made from only fruit and vegetables is an easy way to satisfy one’s daily produce requirement. Our cold-pressed juice[s] are both nutritious and delicious.”

The new juices, which are made using high pressure pasteurization rather than heated pasteurization used for most juices sold at retail, are slated to be available systemwide in 2015. Prices will be similar to the current made-to-order juices, which vary based on location.

Cold-pressed juices at Jamba Juice locations in Los Angeles are currently $5.39, according to a local operator. That is roughly the price-point for Starbuck’s cold-pressed Evolution Fresh juices. A Jamba Juice spokesman said the identity of the company manufacturing the cold-pressed juice for them was confidential.

Starbucks bought premium juice company Evolution Fresh Inc. in 2011, signaling its entry into the cold-pressed juice business, which until then had been mainly the province of juice-focused shops and small chains catering to health enthusiasts in Southern California and New York, where a bottle of cold-pressed juice can cost in excess of $10.

Emeryville, Calif.-based Jamba Juice started testing made-to-order juices in late 2012 and had them at 508 locations as of July 1 this year. Cold-pressed juice advocates claim that, by not heating the juice, more micronutrients are preserved.

Jamba Juice's cold-pressed juice selection. Photo: Jamba Juice

The new juices are available in four flavors:
•  Orange Reviver: orange, banana, apple, beet and banana
•  Tropical Greens: apple, pineapple, lemon and “super greens” comprised of organic baby spinach, organic red and green chard and organic kale.
•  Citrus Kick: orange, pineapple apple and ginger
•  Veggie Harvest: apple, carrot, ginger and super greens

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