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10 restaurants with the best service: Consumer Picks 2019

NRN presents Consumer Picks, a data-driven report on customer preference and restaurant brand strength. Data for this report is provided by market research firm Datassential. Find out more about the data here and read more about the methodology here.

Out of more than 200 brands from all segments, two quick-service chains topped the list for service, edging out a few well-loved full-service brands. Chick-fil-A, which prides itself on lightning speed with a dose of Southern charm, came in at No. 1, followed by In-N-Out, another cult favorite. Both are known for friendly service and line-busting tactics, particularly at the drive-thru. But service isn’t only about speed. Representing those times when a more leisurely meal is desired were seven casual-dining brands led by The Cheesecake Factory and Texas Roadhouse. La Madeleine, the sole fast-casual brand on the list, came in at No. 9, tied with Outback Steakhouse.

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