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Red Lobster has added new perks to its loyalty program.

Red Lobster adds perks to loyalty program

Bonus points are available on Tuesday and Thursday and for purchases of more than $100

Red Lobster has added new benefits to its loyalty program including special deals on Tuesdays and Thursdays and additional points for larger purchases.

Gold and platinum members of the My Red Lobster Rewards program get extra points for dining in on Tuesday. Those with Gold status, which is achieved simply by filling out a name, email address, and zip code on the enrollment form (lower Red status is reserved for people who just provide an email address) get double points on Tuesday and Platinum members, a status attained after earning 300 points, get triple points.

Loyalty program members earn one point per dollar spent.

Additionally, on Thursdays, members get 25 points for ordering a non-alcoholic beverage, limited to one drink per day and for dine-in only.

Also, members who place an order of more than $100 get an extra 100 points, also available only once per day and for dine-in only.

And finally, Platinum members get a special reward on their anniversary of achieving that status every year that they still qualify.

Red Lobster, a casual-dining chain based in Orlando, Fla., with around 670 units, did not specify what those rewards might be.

Upon enrollment, My Red Lobster Rewards members get an initial 10% discount for their next in-restaurant purchase and 12 free Cheddar Bay Biscuits on their next takeout order of $15 or more.  

Red Lobster is just the latest restaurant chain to upgrade its loyalty program.

Noodles & Company recently added new surprise & delight aspects to its loyalty program, Chick-fil-A added geofencing in the hopes of saving its customers time, and Sweetgreen launched its first loyalty program last month.

Many chains have found that the data they collect from their loyalty program members allow them to have more nuanced conversation with those customers and understand their guest base better. Additionally, loyalty program members often spend more money than the average customer and visit their restaurants more frequently.

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