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The hottest new bars in the country

Up-and-coming bars from around U.S. include The Wyman Bar, Bar Chrystie and more

Bars are back.

Across some of the biggest cities in the country, bars are re-opening after a long shutdown. And new bars in particular are bursting onto the scene.

After a long break that included the introduction of to-go cocktails and rules about food and alcohol being consumed at the same time, bars have finally re-opened, and consumer demand seems to be meeting the moment.

New York City nightlife guru David Rabin recently told Nation’s Restaurant News that guests are drinking more but earlier. He also said guests aren’t balking at high prices (think $20 cocktails).

“Nobody seems to be blinking at the cost,” he said.

These are some of the newest bars across the country that are capitalizing on nightlife’s reemergence.

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