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Wendy's overhauls its fries

Wendy's overhauls its fries

New natural-cut fries with sea salt debut this week

Wendy’s has revamped its French fries, replacing the current version with skin-on fries seasoned with sea salt, the chain said Wednesday.

The new natural-cut fries, which mark the first time in 41 years Wendy’s has reworked its fries, are expected to be in all 6,600 stores by the end of next week.

Wendy’s said the new fries are part of its “You Know When It’s Real” brand positioning, which has included a new line of premium salads and sandwiches made with applewood-smoked bacon.

“A year ago Wendy’s launched its Real brand position that is the foundation of our company — real products with authentic, high integrity ingredients, fresh preparation and exciting tastes and flavors for every main food item we serve,” said Ken Calwell, Wendy’s chief marketing officer.

“We challenged ourselves to translate this brand promise into even better French fries,” he added. “The result is hotter, crispier, and tastier natural-cut fries, seasoned with sea salt.”

Spokesman Denny Lynch said Wendy’s also is working on improving its burgers and chicken. Earlier this week he confirmed the chain is testing a line of cheeseburgers made with thicker patties, crinkle-cut pickles and a toasted bun.

Lynch said Wendy’s test-marketed the new fries in the spring and summer before deciding to roll them out systemwide.

The pricing and sizes for fries will remain the same after the switch to the new recipe. The chain is supporting the rollout with a Facebook campaign and an offer of a coupon for a free order with the purchase of a $15 gift card.

Wendy’s is a division of Atlanta-based Wendy’s/Arby’s Group Inc.

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