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Uno Chicago Grill to go bold

WEST ROXBURY Mass. Uno Chicago Grill is following the rollout of a pair of more boldly flavored, limited time only menus with the planned launch of a fall menu on Oct. 6.

The “Fall of Surprises” menu will include 12 food items, including soups, appetizers, entrées and desserts, as well as several alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Frank Guidara, president and chief executive of the 202-unit casual-dining concept, said the decision to feature more aggressively flavored LTO items follows the successful introduction of Uno’s “New Orleans’ Jazz Festival of Flavors” menu in April, and the “Best of Summer, Starring Lobster” menu in July.

“The New Orleans Jazz Festival menu really showed us that our customers would accept spicier, bolder dishes,” Guidara said. “They’re interested in being more adventurous.”

Previously, Uno’s LTO menus offered mostly traditional dishes with a few new items thrown in, he said. The new menus, however, include mostly new dishes.

Among the new dishes on the “Fall of Surprises” menu is boneless barbecue short ribs with Chianti sauce, and fresh pappardelle with roasted vegetables. The barbecued shortribs also are featured in short-rib sliders as well as in a sandwich served with aged Cabot cheese from New England.

The fall menu also will include other new dishes such as avocado eggroll with sweet tamarind cashew dipping sauce, roasted tomatoes and vegetables served on a five-grain flatbread, chicken salad with Goji berries, and crunchy chicken wrap with cranberries.

Cranberries also will be featured in several alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages in the fall, he said.

While Guidara did not reveal prices for the new items, he said Uno was “not going after deals and discounting. They will be ‘right priced.’”

The menu will be available through Thanksgiving.

Uno also operates about 160 Uno Express outlets and two Uno Due Go units.

Contact Paul Frumkin at [email protected].

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