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Subway franchisee to open cafe concept

WASHINGTON A Subway franchisee is planning to test a new cafe concept in the Washington, D.C., area that potentially could roll out nationally if it proves successful, a corporate spokesman said.


The more upscale concept, called Subway Cafe, will open next month in Alexandria, Va., and feature panini sandwiches, gelato, baked goods and coffee drinks in addition to the chain's traditional subs. The decor of the store, which will be owned and operated by Subway Development Corp. of Washington, D.C., will include brick or wood-paneled walls and upholstered chairs.



Subway spokesman Les Winograd said the cafe concept is “a test that our people in the D.C. area are doing, and it’s something that right now we can’t give great details on because it’s still in the early planning stages.”



Winograd added that the concept could perhaps be a new growth vehicle for the company, but he said that as far as he knew the test would be “particular to the D.C. market for right now."



Larry Feldman, chief executive of Subway Development Corp., told the Washington Post that he aims to open five Subway Cafes over the next few years.



Subway is owned by Milford, Conn.-based Doctor's Associates Inc. and has more than 30,000 franchised units worldwide.


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