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Starbucks to roll out larger 'Trenta' size

Starbucks said it is rolling out a 31-ounce "Trenta" size for certain iced drinks in response to customer demand for larger sizes.

Starting Tuesday in 14 states throughout the South and Southwest, the new Trenta cups will be available for iced tea, iced tea lemonades and iced coffee.

Trenta cups are scheduled to be available throughout California units on Feb. 1 and then nationwide on May 3, Starbucks said.

Officials said the Trenta-sized drinks will be priced 50 cents higher than the next smaller size, which is called Venti. Unsweetened, the Trenta drinks have less than 90 calories, but sweetened coffee or tea in a Trenta cup has about 230 calories.

Starbucks joins some of its competitors in offering larger drink sizes, including McDonald's, which offers a large iced tea in a 32-ounce cup.

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