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Starbucks to offer ‘Skinny’ lattes

SEATTLE Starbucks, in a nod to patrons’ health concerns, is adding the option as of Jan. 1 of making its lattes and mochas with sugar-free syrups.

The coffee chain is expanding its array of latte flavorings to include a sugar-free mocha syrup. Patrons already can order a latte flavored with sugar-free vanilla, hazelnut, caramel or Cinnamon Dolce syrups. They will be able to request that their drinks be made with sugar-free versions of the flavorings by specifying that they want it “Skinny,” the chain said.

It noted that a 12-ounce Skinny Vanilla Latte contains 100 fewer calories and 5 grams less fat than the version made with sugared syrup. The sugar-free versions reduce the calorie content of a 12-ounce Caffe Latte or Caffe Mocha to 90 calories if nonfat milk is used, Starbucks said.

“The Skinny platform is one of the ways Starbucks is committed to meeting customers’ desire for healthier options in 2008,” brand parent Starbucks Coffee Co. said in announcing the new option. It noted that the most visited page on its website is the one that provides nutrition information about its products.

Starbucks operates or licenses about 15,000 coffee outlets worldwide.

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