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SLIDE SHOW: The next Chipotle?

A look at three chains aiming to repeat the burrito brand's success

A new wave of “Chipotle-style” concepts are looking to find success by adapting the fast-casual burrito chain’s business model to different cuisines in order to fill holes in the market.

And why not? As much of the restaurant industry struggled during the past few years, Chipotle Mexican Grill churned out quarter after quarter of positive results, ending 2010 with a same-store sales increase of 9.4 percent, and securing its place as a business model to be imitated.

NRN puts the spotlight on three different concepts that are often referred to as “The Chipotle of” their niche. Piada Italian Street Food debuted last year in Columbus, Ohio, and quickly became dubbed “The Chipotle of Italian food.” The Washington, D.C., area is home to the new Cava Mezze Grill, described as a “Greek Chipotle.” And in New York, the new concept Hello Pasta has been called the “Chipotle of Pasta.”

SLIDE SHOW: The next Chipotle?

IN DEPTH: The March 7 issue of Nation’s Restaurant News looks deeper into what ingredients make Chipotle a power performer, and how these chains are following the leader. Subscribers can access the full article: "The next Chipotle?" Subscribe today.

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