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Restaurants flip for crêpes

Versatile French pancake used in sweet and savory dishes

Crêpes are making a comeback in restaurants, which are using the thin, versatile pancake in both sweet and savory dishes across multiple dayparts.

Food editor Bret Thorn explored the trend in this week’s issue of Nation’s Restaurant News: Chefs cook up versatile crêpes to stretch ingredients across dayparts (subscribers only).

While crêpes may be the focus of relatively new restaurant concepts like Suzette Crêperie and Dessert Café in Portland, Ore., they’ve long been a signature offering at the 85-unit First Watch chain.

“One of our best-selling items is our fresh fruit crêpes,” said Chris Tomasso, chief marketing officer of the breakfast-and-lunch family-dining chain based in Bradenton, Fla.

The $6.89 dish includes two crêpes stuffed with fresh fruit, topped with organic strawberry yogurt, cinnamon and sugar, granola on the side to pour on top, and a muffin.

Also popular at First Watch are the chain’s trademarked “Crepeggs” — a crêpe covered with a layer of whipped scrambled eggs that’s then spread with fillings, rolled up and served for $7.69.

“We’ve had them on our menu for close to 20 years,” Tomasso said.

First Watch offers two Crepeggs, both stuffed with turkey and served with breakfast potatoes and an English muffin.

The turkey dill Crepegg also is stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, onions and Monterey Jack cheese, and topped with Hollandaise sauce, diced tomatoes and dill.

The Key West Crepegg contains turkey, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and Monterey Jack cheese, and is topped with sour cream. Salsa is served on the side.

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