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Quiznos to give away a million subs

Quiznos to give away a million subs

DENVER A month after lowering prices on 37 menu items, Quiznos is now giving away food for free. The sandwich chain said Monday it plans to give away a million subs through a new website:


Visitors to the site can sign up to receive a coupon that is good for a free small sub at any of Quiznos' more than 5,000 units. A link to the coupon is sent the visitor’s e-mail address after he or she signs up. The coupon expires five days after it is printed off the website.




Quiznos also is asking visitors to the website to nominate deserving individuals to win free subs for a year as part of its “Making the World Better” campaign. Visitors can nominate a personal hero by submitting a brief description, in either written or video form, of their hero’s contributions to society. Full details and contest rules are on the site.




“Given the current state of the economy, we believe we should all be responsible for looking at our part of the world to understand how we can make it better,” said Rebecca Steinfort, executive vice president of marketing for Quiznos.




In January, the chain lowered prices on 37 of its sandwiches, entrees and other items, including 20 toasted subs that are now available for less than $5.




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