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Popeyes completes removal of trans fat from its biscuits

ATLANTA The 1,878-unit Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits chain has completed the introduction of trans-fat-free biscuits and reduced-trans-fat French fries in its domestic restaurants.

Franchisor AFC Enterprises Inc. said the chain is also testing a zero-trans-fat shortening for other menu items, including core chicken products that currently contain up to 1.5 grams of artificial trans fat. A serving of the new French fries contains one gram of trans fat, according to the company. Health experts advise eliminating artificial trans fat from diets because of its known contribution to cardio-vascular disease.

The rollouts of the new biscuits and French fries began at the end of 2006. Popeyes, based here, has also posted the trans-fat content information for the brand's core menu items on the nutritional page of its website at .

James Lyons, Popeyes chief operating officer, said, "Given increased attention to trans-fat content, we initiated a review of all of our menu items and cooking procedures to identify innovative alternatives that will not sacrifice Popeyes' world-famous flavor. As a result of our efforts, we are pleased to now offer zero-gram-trans-fat biscuits and one-gram-trans-fat [per serving] French fries in our restaurants."

Kirk Waisner, Popeyes vice president of menu and product development, said testing will continue on other menu items to address fat content.

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