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Pizza Hut stuffs toppings into crust

Pizza Hut stuffs toppings into crust

Pizza Hut, which introduced the cheese-stuffed crust 16 years ago, is now packing in toppings with the debut of its Ultimate Stuffed Crust pizza.

The limited-time pie, starting at $12.99 with three toppings, comes in a stuffed-crust choice of pepperoni or meaty, which includes pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon.

Kurt Kane, chief marketing office for Dallas-based Pizza Hut, said, "Ultimate Stuffed Crust Pizza is yet another never-seen-before pizza innovation from Pizza Hut. We did the unthinkable by folding cheese and toppings into our crust.”

Pizza Hut has asked its Twitter followers what it should stuff into the crust next, urging fans to tweet their answers with the hashtag #stuffmycrustwith to @pizzahut for the chance to win free pizza.

Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc. of Louisville, Ky., has nearly 10,000 restaurants worldwide.

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