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Moe’s bucks ‘small’ trend with big dish

Smaller portions are increasingly popular in restaurants, but Moe’s Southwest Grill is swimming against the tide with its one-pound-plus Taco Stacks, a limited-time offer that debuted this week.

The Taco Stacks include two flat, six-inch taco shells filled with a choice of steak, pork, chicken or tofu, plus Moe’s liquid queso and other add-ons, such as shredded cheese, all wrapped in a 12-inch tortilla.

“The initial feedback is it’s doing really well,” said Dan Barash, executive chef of the Atlanta-based Tex-Mex brand. “We hope this will be a game-changer.”

Barash said customers reported during eight weeks of tests at 25 Moe’s locations that the original Taco Stacks, which contained two four-inch taco shells wrapped in a 10-inch tortilla, were too small.

“The value perception was that there wasn’t enough food,” he said.

So Moe’s responded by increasing the food quantity.

“The value perception was there,” Barash said of the larger Taco Stacks. “The amount of food, which does seem like a lot, is what people wanted to have.”

The king-sized LTO sells for $7.29 or $7.49, depending on the protein diners select, Barash said. The Taco Stacks will be on the menu until Oct. 9.

VIDEO: Moe's Taco Stacks commercial

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