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McD’s superserver Moss has a loyal fan following

McD’s superserver Moss has a loyal fan following

More than 700 people love Mary Moss, a McDonald’s crewmember who works in the drive-thru of the chain’s Chandler, Ariz., unit. At least that’s how many people had become fans on the “I Love Mary @ McDonald’s Chandler” page on by press time. Customer DeLynne Brook created the site in June as a tribute to the friendly Moss. That Moss, 60, has generated such a large and enthusiastic fan base was no surprise to McDonald’s franchisee Ernie Adair, whose Chandler store is one of 11 his company, Adcorp, operates in the Phoenix area. It’s been his strategy for years to place older adults in the drive-thru, where 65 percent to 75 percent of the sales are made.

“The most important customer service area is our drive-thru,” he said. “We go out of our way to recruit for those positions. I don’t know if we have a stable of Marys, but we do have mature adults in our drive-thru. Mary is pretty darn special.”

For Moss, all of the virtual attention and media interest has been flattering, but nothing she sought out when she took the job four years ago. 

Why did you take the job at McDonald’s?

I had just moved here from California, and I needed a job right away.

Why have you stayed for four years?

What I love about my job is my customers, and the people I work with. When I go on vacation, I miss everybody and cannot wait to get back.

People are only in the drive-thru for a few minutes. How have you created such a following?

When I see someone not smiling or greeting me that gives me the incentive to go for it and smile at them and tell them something nice about their hair, or about what they are wearing.… Immediately I get a smile. That makes my heart warm. Oh, and the kids. To the kids I’m like a grandmother.

What did you think when you first heard about the Facebook page?

One of my customers told me. The little boy was jumping up and down and saying you have a Facebook page. I said, “What’s Facebook?”

What did you think when you saw all the fans on the page?

I had never encountered anything like that before. I am the way I am with my customer because I care, not because I want recognition. I was just so amazed.

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