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KFC tries to get on kids' frequency with new boneless-sampler promo

LOUISVILLE Ky. KFC is promoting a new Boneless Variety Bucket with the latest in a series of interactive TV ads, this one containing a high-frequency "Mosquito Tone" that most adults can't hear but most kids can, according to the chain.

Viewers have to guess where the tone is placed and enter their picks on KFC's website. The first 1,000 people who guess correctly will receive $10 KFC gift checks, which they can use to buy the $9.99 bucket meal.

The buzzing Mosquito Tone, invented by Compound Securities Systems, is a popular ringtone among teens and plays at a frequency that most people over 30 can't hear because they lose the ability to hear the highest frequency tones at age 20, the company said.

Foote Cone & Belding of Chicago created the spot, which follows two previous interactive ads for the KFC Snacker sandwich.

The new bucket meal contains boneless-chicken crispy strips, honey barbecue wings and popcorn chicken. KFC has more than 14,000 units worldwide.

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