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Franchisee to open 72 Carl’s Jr. units in Texas

CARPINTERIA Calif. Franchise operator Star Foods Investors Group has signed an agreement with CKE Restaurants Inc. to open 72 Carl’s Jr. restaurants in the Dallas and Houston markets over the next nine years, officials said Tuesday.

The agreement with Star Foods comes six weeks after an expansion deal was struck with RWJP Star Enterprises, which calls for 121 units to open in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Tyler/Longview and Beaumont markets over the next 10 years, said CKE, parent to the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s brands.

“We believe Texas is well on its way to becoming a major stronghold for our brand,” said Andrew Puzder, CKE chief executive. “We anticipate further franchise-development agreements for Texas markets, as well as ongoing company expansion. Much like our burgers and our franchise deals, everything is bigger in Texas.”

The Star Foods agreement includes plans to develop 32 Carl’s Jr. locations in Dallas and 40 in Houston.

Texas is already home to 18 franchised Carl’s Jr. locations. In the past six months, CKE has opened five units in San Antonio, where another is scheduled to open next week, and in Austin. More company-owned units are coming to those markets this year, officials said.

Based in Carpinteria, CKE operates, franchises or licenses 1,185 Carl’s Jr. and 1,912 Hardee’s restaurants in 42 states and 14 countries.

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