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Burger King sells $1 gift cards

MIAMI Burger King is making gift-giving for less-intimate acquaintances easier and promoting its new dollar double cheeseburger with a collection of 20 cheeky holiday greeting cards that each come with a crisp $1 bill.

The cards and cash, intended for one of Burger King’s $1 quarter-pound double cheeseburgers, are available at Purchasers must have a credit card or Pay Pal account. The $1-per-card price includes postage and handling.

Visitors to the website can select cards by adjusting a slide bar on the home page to indicate their relationship with the recipient -- from second-tier friend to virtual stranger.

Tongue-in-cheek messages include:

  • “Because an IM greeting wouldn’t have been enough. And a fancy gift would’ve been too much.”
  • “Because I care deeply about someone who looks kinda like you.”
  • “'Tis the season to celebrate. You just eked your way onto my gift list.”
  • “I want to share the season with friends like you. Provided it doesn’t interfere with my bowl-game TV schedule.”

“Everyone is taking a closer look at their gift list this holiday season, yet no one really wants to cut back -- and we don’t think they should have to,” said Brian Gies, Burger King’s vice president for marketing impact, Burger King Corp. “In our distinct brand voice, we’re making it possible to give the perfect gift -- a superior burger at an exceptional value.”

The holiday cards are available for only a limited time while supplies last.

Miami-based Burger King has 12,000 restaurants worldwide.

Contact Ron Ruggless at [email protected].

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