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Burger King debuts new cheeseburger line

Burger King rolled out a new line of three limited-time offer burgers called BK Toppers in Deluxe, Mushroom and Swiss, and Western BBQ varieties.

“We are always looking for ways to evolve our menu to better meet the needs of our guests with real, inspired food that tastes great,” said Alex Macedo, Burger King senior vice president for North America marketing.

“With our new line of savory, fire-grilled BK Toppers, we are giving our guests top-quality burgers with more beef that are freshly prepared with premium ingredients at a great value,” Macedo added.

Television and radio commercials began Friday to promote the items, focusing on the brand’s food-centric marketing strategy.

Watch a commercial for the Deluxe cheeseburger; story continues below

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The burgers are 3.2 ounces each and sell for $1.99 each. They will be available until Dec. 31. The varieties include:

• Deluxe: American cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles and Stacker sauce
• Mushroom and Swiss: Mushrooms, Swiss cheese and Griller sauce
• Western BBQ: Onion rings, American cheese and Sweet Baby Ray’s Spicy BBQ sauce

Burger King rolled out a California burger just a few weeks ago, but the Miami-based brand is also diversifying its menu offerings to reach a wider demographic. It recently debuted oatmeal and sundaes in an attempt to broaden its customer base beyond its young, male target demographic.

Burger King has more than 12,300 locations worldwide.

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