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Restaurant Payment Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 2:00pm EST

With a growing digital first mindset, guests are changing their preference and restaurant brands have implemented new ways to accept orders and serve their customers. With restaurants offering a wider variety of payment options than ever before, with plenty more on the horizon, we explore evolving guest preferences, emerging payment technologies, and how restaurants can own their payment data to better prepare for the road ahead. 

Join us for a discussion as we highlight the following restaurant payment trends: 

Trends we plan to highlight

  • Contactless payment
  • Payment flexibility - pay where you want, how you want - at curb, at counter, on consumer device, in card reader, at table, etc
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Owning your guest data 

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tor.jpgTor Opedal
VP & GM, Payments 


john.jpgJohn Hierholzer
VP of US Merchant Operations


sophia.jpgSophia Goldberg
CEO and Co-Founder 


mike.jpgMike Vichich
VP & GM Customer Engagement Products 


alan liddle .jpgAlan Liddle - Moderator
Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator
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