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The 10 biggest sports bars in America

Every year, Nation’s Restaurant News and Datassential partner to present The Top 500, the definitive sales ranking of restaurants in America.

One element of this data is restaurant segment, meaning each can be broken down by systemwide domestic sales, units, and estimated sales per unit. NRN has been analyzing the Top 10 restaurant chains in each segment by sales, and today we’re tackling the sixth and final full-service category: sports bars.

These 10 chains, out of 21 sports bars on the full list, are the same as they were last year, with quite a bit reshuffling of the order — including in the No. 2 spot. Nine of these chain increased domestic systemwide sales in 2022— one by 54.4%, making it the fastest-growing full-service restaurant in any category. Nine grew estimated sales per unit, and eight grew units. The chain that saw a decrease in systemwide sales slipped down to the last spot.

Click through the gallery to see the 10 biggest sports bars in America.

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